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Why I'm a Goalie - 'Saving' Grace's Story

"I'm pretty sure no one loves No5Hole as much as me!"

- Grace Deveau - Age 9


Inspiration is all around us.  Every journey is different, and we love to hear your stories! So how does goaltender Grace D, age 9, find her inspiration?  Here's a look into this young goalies career:


What is your favourite thing about playing on a team?

I like being with my friends on the ice and in the dressing room.  I like how my team pumps me up before a game.

Why hockey.. and more importantly, why did you choose to be a goalie?  What do you love about the position you play?

I play hockey because it's fun!  I like being a goalie because I like the attention and making boys on the other team cry with my awesome saves.

Why is being an athlete important to you?

So I stay strong, active and healthy.

We win some, we lose some!  How do you handle those tough losses? 

I just want to make as many saves as possible.  If we win, great!  If we lose I know I did my best.

What advise do you have for other young players / goalies in over coming any obstacles of the game?

Try Hard. Think Big. Stay Focused. Never quit.


We all know behind every great goalie, there is a great support team!  Here is a look into Grace's goalie career from the perspective of her parents, Tracy & Stephen Deveau:

What is the most important element of your daughter belonging to a team?  How has teamwork and the discipline it takes to be a part of an organization helped her growth both as a goalie, and in her life?

Being a part of a team has helped her socialize and learn to put her team's needs before her own.  She had the opportunity to play a few games with an older age group this year as a back up, she took the role very seriously.  She was always focused and ready to go in while being the team's biggest cheerleader on the bench.

What advise would you give other parents looking to get their kids into organized sports?

Don't take it too seriously.  Maintain your perspective of the game, especially when the players are still riding to the game in booster seats.  Let them play, at the end of the day as parents we are proud of our kids no matter what, they'll learn to play a game they can be proud of.

Our motto at No5Hole is: "we all have a 5HOLE or weak spot; something that makes us vulnerable.  The key is to acknowledge, accept, and overcome, rather than letting it hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams".  How does this relate to your daughters athletic career?  How does she overcome her "5HOLE"?

As the daughter of a soldier, she has lived in 3 different provinces before even starting kindergarten.  In this she has learned resilience, inner strength, how to adapt quickly, and most importantly how to laugh at herself.  Her ability to let things go helps her to refocus quickly.



Grace's amazing attitude and grasp on the positive's of this game we love is refreshing and inspiring!  She truly has that earned, not given attitude we love.