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Where I Find Inspiration - Andrew's Story

"The more committed you are the further you will go."

- Andrew Thompson

Inspiration is key.

So, how do you get inspired?

This is Andrew's story:


What is the most important element to belonging to a team?  How has teamwork and the discipline it takes to be a part of an organization helped your growth both athletically, and generally?

The most important element of belonging to a team is cooperating and supporting everyone.  Being part of an organization has helped show me how a team should work together to get the most out of each other.  This applies to any team you might be a part of, such as sports or even work place.

What advise would you give other people looking to get into organized sports?

The more committed you are, the further you will go!

Our motto at No5Hole is: "we all have a 5HOLE or weak spot; something that makes us vulnerable.  They key is to acknowledge, accept, and overcome, rather than letting it hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams".  How does this relate to your athletic career?  How do you overcome your "5HOLE" and any obstacles that stood in your way?

As you said, everyone has a weak spot.  To improve, we need to acknowledge, accept, and overcome.  A mentor, coach, or trainer can be helpful to discovering what your 5HOLE is and how to over come or minimize it.

So what is Andrew up to these days with @Trav4oilers?

"My goal is the become a full-time film maker, not necessarily on solely on youtube, and to stay true and be honest with our content and reviews.  As for my role, it's mainly camera work & cinematography at the moment, and soon to be more involved as we grow as a company."


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