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A Player's Perspective: Conor Ogborn's Story

"Being able to work as a team has really benefited my life, especially in school."

- Conor Ogborn

No matter what position we play, we all have a 5HOLE.

This week, we talked 5Hole's with Conor.



What is the most important element of belonging to a team?  How has teamwork and the discipline it takes to be a part of an organization helped your growth both as a goalie, and in your life?

Being able to pick someone up when they are down. If someone that belongs to your team is upset, there attitude could spread to other players on your team, and they could be important assets to your team, so being able to pick someone up when they are upset could really benefit your team. Being able to work as a team has really benefited my life, especially in school. At the school I attend, we do a lot of group assessments. Being able to work together is essential if you want to excel as a student as well.

What advise would you give other people looking to get into organized sports?

Start as young as you can. Experience is one of the most important things in hockey, and if you don't have too much experience, it's going to be hard to hang with other players at a high level of hockey. In hockey, improvement comes over a period of time, so starting young can really help you out in the future.

Our motto at No5Hole is: "we all have a 5HOLE or weak spot; something that makes us vulnerable.  The key is to acknowledge, accept, and overcome, rather than letting it hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams".  How does this relate to your athletic career?  How do you overcome your "5HOLE" and any obstacles that stood in your way?

As a young child, I used to be really affected by other people's put downs. Over the last couple years, I learned to cover up my "5HOLE", and I built up tolerance to withstand everyone's put downs. The tolerance I built over the last few years has really helped me a lot in sports, to stop myself from taking bad or stupid penalties, but also helping me stay out of trouble on a daily basis.

You can follow Conor's hockey journey @hky.universal