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Inspiration Behind the Mask - Blocker Sleeve Winner

Congratulations to our Blocker Sleeve Contest winner, Isaac Sweet!

Isaac answered the question "what inspires you?", and we were blown away by his response.


Here is Isaac's story:


We know hockey is a big element in your life - how did you get into hockey originally?

I originally got into hockey basically because of my father. He brought me to games and the local arenas. It would always be on tv for what I remember. He had played since he was 10 and through college. Even now and at that time when I first started skating, he had been playing in pick up games or skate and shoots. He also plays goal so I got into it as well and very much love it!


We believe that organized sports are important for our communities youth; what advice would you give parents looking to put their kids into organized sports?  

Parents should put there kids through organized sports because it teaches them good healthy values. These include sportsmanship and teamwork. Kids can also get good exercise which is very important to stay healthy. I have learned how to use my abilities and strive as a goalie and a person. I've also learned how to enjoy the highs and the lows of being a goalie.


What is your inspiration?

My brothers are both individuals with developmental disabilities. They have achieved great things such as getting their dream jobs, living in an apartment together, and even getting girlfriends. They enjoy and are active in their community. My brothers have taught me to set goals and to achieve those goals and that nothing is impossible whatever your abilities are. They supported me at multiple games and enjoy watching me achieve my goals.

Our motto at No5Hole is: We all have a 5HOLE or weak spot; something that makes us vulnerable.  The key is to acknowledge, accept, and overcome, rather than letting it hold us back from achieving our dreams and goals.  How does this relate to you in your athletic, and personal life?

It's constantly admitting our weaknesses and looking to others such as coaches, teammates, and of course family to help overcome or deal with those weaknesses.


Isaac scored himself a Blocker Sleeve Kit for free for sharing his inspiration with us!

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