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Win a Blocker Sleeve Kit by sharing your No5Hole pics & stories!

We all have a 5hole; something that makes us vulnerable.  The key is to acknowledge, accept, and overcome, rather than letting it hold us back from achieving our goals & dreams.

We all have a story.  What's yours?


so how do you win?

We want to see what inspires you, and better yet, we'd love to see you in your No5Hole gear!  Share your pictures and stories with us by sending us a message below, or emailing us at  The winners story and pictures will be featured in the interview section of


what will you win?

$89.99 prize value


We have junior and senior Blocker Sleeve Kit's up for grabs!

The Blocker Sleeve is a simple and effective tool allowing goalies to devote more time to develop their reaction ability and improve their reaction speed.

You do not have to run after the ball. Besides this significant benefit, the Blocker Sleeve allows goalies to improve many aspects of their game: spatial awareness, co-ordination, speed and skills.

In short, this tool is a must in an athlete's development.




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